I’ll apologise now.

I’m about to skip gladly past Christmas, weeks before it’s even happened, and start talking about the New Year.

So sorry but there is a good reason. Honestly.

We are currently in a sellers’ market, the like of which I can’t recall.

There are two reasons. One, there aren’t as many houses on the market as you might normally see. And secondly, house prices are still much higher than they would normally be.

Which brings me to the New Year point. Ordinarily, my advice to sellers thinking of putting their house on the market now would be ‘wait till after Christmas’.

This year, however, we haven’t been telling people to wait. Quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been encouraging people to act now, because that’s the best advice we can give them.

There is undoubtedly a lack of stock on the market so the chances are that sellers get a better price due to the lack of competition. At the very least, it increases the chance of getting the asking price.
This is also the time of year of course when people decide they’ll put their house on the market in January. New Year, new start always applies.

If prospective sellers don’t want to put their property up for sale now, perhaps as they don’t want viewings in the run up to Christmas, we’d still urge them to get it valued and ready to go on the market in January, ahead of what we think will be another surge of new properties.

Again, act now is our advice to those sellers as well. Like I say, it’s a sellers’ market. Why wait?

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